Tuesday, January 15, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt

I found this idea on Pinterest (originally pinned from Craftser ( here ). My youngest son had a few shirts that didn't fit him anymore but were in great condition, so I thought I would try it out for my very first sewing machine made quilt. I made a baby quilt for him when he was born, but it was pretty much just 2 pieces of fabric with some batting, tied and hand sewn together. This quilt was a bit higher for me on the advancement scale! In all, it sewed up pretty fast and easily. I only had to pick apart one row (that I had accidentally sewn on upside down). Not too bad for a first timer!

I used a 9" square pattern to cut out the front and back of each shirt. The original quilt used 12" squares, but with most of my sons shirts being toddler sizes the biggest I could cut out was 9". It ended up a little smaller than I had anticipated, but fits my 5 year old perfectly...and he LOVES it (that's all that really matters, right!?) He was so excited about it, he even wanted to pick out the back. I personally would have gone with a solid flannel, but he liked the lizards best! My favorite thing about this quilt is the memories. One of the blocks is his very first T-ball team shirt, another is his favorite M&M pj's. It was a fun, easy and quick project that I hope he will cherish. Now, I must make one for my 10 year old!